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Reginald Robinson is a 52 year old Army Veteran who enlisted in 1990 and retired in 1995. However, after 9/11, he felt a duty to re-enlist and served 12 more years until retiring as a Staff Sergeant in 2015. Reginald was deployed multiple times in Iraq and Kuwait. Reginald has two children - his son is now active duty and serving overseas.

Several years ago, Reginald was treated for Renal Cell Carcinoma which eventually led to his kidney failure. Reginald travels to a dialysis center 3 x week for several hours a treatment in order to survive.
Reginald's wife Wendy has been cleared as a living kidney donor. However, she is not blood type compatible.

DOVE is hoping to locate a Blood type O donor who can start a small kidney chain at Reginald's transplant center: James J. Peters VA Medical Center. An O donor will give to Reginald and Wendy will in turn donate her kidney to a compatible Veteran at top of the Bronx VA list.

Reginald is a combat Veteran who has risked his life in the service and protection of our country. His legacy lives on with his son. Let us help Reginald put dialysis behind him by finding a living kidney donor. This donor will have a ripple effect and will be saving the life of Reginald - as well as another recipient/Veteran at the VA who will receive Wendy's kidney. To learn if you can be Reginald's donor or support DOVE please contact DOVE!

Reginald Robinson

US Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.)

Reginald in uniform

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