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Pat Vellucci served in Vietnam with the 10th Cavalry of the 4th Infantry Division at Dragon Mountain in the central highlands during the TET offensives. He is part of the oral history of the Vietnam War at both the US Military Academy at West Point and the Rutgers Oral History Archives.

Pat has had a successful career as an actor and then producer in show business. He used his talent throughout his career to heighten awareness about the Vietnam War. He was a founding member of the Vietnam Veterans Ensemble Theatre Company and produced an award winning HBO Special "Dear America, Letters from Vietnam."

Due to exposure to Agent Orange, Pat developed bladder cancer. He is now cancer free - but just over 1 year ago he was diagnosed with irreversible kidney disease. He relies on regular dialysis treatments in order to survive. Despite the limitations of his disease, Pat tries to remain active and positive. He continues to give back to his family and his community in many ways. He currently serves as a docent at the the NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation.

A living kidney donor is the best chance Pat has to live the rest of his life free from dialysis. Veterans like Pat have done so much for our country. Let us help Pat live the rest of his life free from the constraints and limitations of dialysis. Please contact DOVE to learn if you can be Pat's hero.

Pat Julian Vellucci

Vietnam Veteran

Pat and friend

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