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Mike Traina served 20 years in the US Navy as a Cryptologist. Throughout his service he travelled around the world serving on various missions and in training related capacities.

In 2014, Mike was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that permanently damaged his kidneys. He has been reliant on life sustaining peritoneal dialysis daily since 2021. Upon retirement, Mike continued to serve as a DoD civilian specializing in higher education and adult learning.

Mike resides in Sykesville, Maryland with his wife Melissa and their long-haired miniature Dachshund, Andouille.
A living kidney donor would enable Mike the quality of life needed to support his family, enjoy his life, and continue performing his job to the fullest.
Please contact DOVE to learn how to help Mike and other Veterans who are waiting for their life saving transplants.

Mike Traina


mike in unifrom

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