"I try to stay positive and busy and dedicate my time to teaching my grandchildren as much as I can. I'm 'dad'."

Mike Avila is a 69-year-old Air Force Veteran who enlisted right after graduating from high school. He was stationed at Warren AFB in Wyoming trained to work on nuclear weaponry. Due to exposure to radiation from the nuclear warheads, he developed bone marrow cancer later in life. While he successfully beat the cancer—his treatment and his disease permanently damaged his kidneys.

Mike has been married for 40 years and lives with his wife and daughter and is the primary father figure to his three grandchildren—ages 17, 12, and 10.

Let us give Mike the best chance possible to live the rest of his life free from dialysis. Contact DOVE to learn how.

Mike Avila

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Mike with his three grandchildren

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