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When Michael Megna turned 18 he joined the Marine Corps. Within the first year of service he participated in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. By the 2nd year he was deployed to South America, by the 3rd year he aided in Operation Deny Flight and Restore Hope in the former Yugoslavia. Upon his 4th year he was deployed to Haiti to protect the American Embassy after an attack.

Mike's service to his country did not stop upon his separation from the military. He became a police officer. On 9/11 he was one of the first responders looking for survivors he stayed on ground zero for nearly 2 weeks helping with the recovery efforts.

Mike's great bravery, throughout his military service and 9/11 recovery efforts, came at a cost to his health. He developed irreversible kidney disease as a result of toxic fumes he breathed during 9/11. Mike is reliant on dialysis to survive. He has three children a loving partner He wants to have hope in his future and to watch his children grow. A living kidney donor would give Mike the best chance to live a long life free from dialysis.

Please contact DOVE to learn about living kidney donation or ways you can help Veterans like Mike.

Michael Megna

Marine Corps

Mike family

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