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When Michael Hughlett started out on his life journey, he set off with ambitions bigger than his never-ending smile. In short order he had gone to Tennessee State University, got married and started a family, and ended up moving to Philadelphia.
Then in his early thirties, he decided that he needed a career change, and answered the strong urge to join the Navy, hoping to become a “lifer”. He spent most of his time at sea, including during Operation Enduring Freedom. Fortunately, his parents had taught him the importance of being known for being a man of integrity and having a strong faith in God.
Michael’s military career was cut short due to having two strokes from the complications of hypertension. Gathering himself up, he went all in on his new career as a Systems Analyst for the Department of Energy in Washington DC. However, three years later his father took ill, and his parents needed his assistance. This required a move to Florida, and yet another life change.

After the move to Florida, Michael met his current wife, Melissa. He now has a beautiful, blended family of seven children, and two grandchildren. He loves fishing, cooking, serving in his church, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. He had started working for the state of Florida, at the DMV, but has had to retire due medical reasons related to his kidney failure and started hemodialysis in January of 2019.
Even through all of this, Michael can light up a room with his infectious smile, his laugh, and resolute faith in God. Several people have stepped up to donate a kidney, including his wife Melissa, but as of yet there have been no good matches.
A new kidney would allow him to what he was made to do, be a great husband, walk his daughter down the aisle, play with his eleven year-old son, his ten year-old daughter, his grandchildren, and serve others through his church.

Let us help this Veteran get renewed lease on life by finding his living kidney donor. Michael is working with a Veteran's organization, DOVE Transplant, that will help all prospective donors throughout the process. Kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared and the costs related to the testing and travel is all covered. Please reach out to DOVE to learn more by clicking the link below OR by calling 551-449-8319. If donation is not right for you, please consider sharing Michael's link throughout your networks. Thank you!

Michael Hughlett

Navy Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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