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Received - Deceased Donor

Melvin Carmon was born and raised in Winterville, NC. He served in the US Army from 1979 to 1992 as a Personnel Administrative Specialist.
Melvin has been married 36 years to his wife, Elvira, whom he meet in Germany and together they have a 35 year old daughter Cherelle.

Melvin developed kidney failure and since 2019 has relied on a dialysis machine to survive. He is fortunate that he can continue his job as an Insurance Specialist which allows him to work from home.

He is a candidate for a kidney transplant and has been placed on the waiting list at the University of Washington. However, the wait for a kidney from a deceased donor can take many years. Melvin may not survive the long wait.

A living kidney donor gives Melvin the best chance to live a long, high quality life, free from dialysis. A transplant would enable Melvin to get back to activities he loves: traveling, taking long drives and long walks.

Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The medical evaluation for any donor is covered by the medical center. Out of pocket costs are covered by organizations such as DOVE Transplant.

Would you consider helping Melvin by learning about kidney donation? Please contact 646-245-2894 or click on the link below to set up an informational meeting. Thank you!

Melvin R. Carmon

Army Veteran

melvin uniform

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