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Kevin Walker is a 35 year old Veteran who served as a Surgical Technician in the Navy. He felt privileged to serve and has been appreciative of educational opportunities that were offered to him upon his discharge.

Kevin has been working towards a degree in Computer Science and is particularly excited about a new App he has in development. Kevin's plans for his future have been challenged due to the onset of kidney failure - he is dependent on hemodialysis treatments 3 times weekly to survive. Kevin's best hope is to find a living kidney donor. The wait list for a kidney from a deceased donor is over 5 years long.

Many family members and friends who stepped up to donate for Kevin were ruled out medically.
Kevin is a very private person and was reluctant to ask the public for help.
But Kevin knows that sharing his story can help raise awareness and other Veterans in need.

Please contact DOVE if you are interested in learning about kidney donation and giving Veterans, like Kevin, the Gift of Life.

Kevin Walker

Navy Veteran


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