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Joseph Fitzpatrick is a USMC Veteran who served for 6 years. His service to his country and community did not end after his separation from the military. He went on to work as a Corrections Officer and he and his wife Carol have been foster parents to many at risk children.

Joseph has been living with kidney disease for many years. He has been reliant on dialysis to stay alive. His kidney disease has been worsening and he recently required a leg amputation due to complications from diabetes.
Joseph has been evaluated and is considered to be a good candidate for a kidney transplant. Kidney transplant gives him the best chance to live a long life, free from dialysis. However, a kidney from a deceased donor may take five years. He may not survive that wait.

Living kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared. Donors live a normal life with one kidney. Their recipient gets renewed life with the donated kidney. The testing is covered by the transplant center and non-medical costs such as travel, lodging and lost wages can be covered as well.

Let us help Joseph get back to health and be there for his family and the children and community that have relied on his love and support.

Joseph Fitzpatrick

Marine Corps Veteran

Joseph with Granddaughter

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