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Received! 10/17/23

Army Veteran Jermaine Ellington is a proud father and grandfather whose military service spanned 23 years with tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; Operation Enduring Freedom; and Operation Inherit Resolve.
Jermaine's father served in Vietnam and two of his sons are serving: one in the Army and the other in the Air Force.

In 2010, Jermaine was diagnosed with a genetic medical condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) - that slowly and steadily damaged his kidneys. By 2020, his condition deteriorated and he was medically discharged.

Jermaine is nearing end-stage kidney failure. He has two treatment options: Kidney Transplantation or Dialysis. Transplantation is the best treatment, however the wait for kidney from a deceased donor may take over 5 years. Jermaine may not survive that wait.

A living kidney donor would give Jermaine the best chance to live a long life, free from dialysis. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically and psychologically cleared. The medical evaluation is covered by Jermaine's transplant center. Non-medical expenses related to travel and lost wages can also be covered.

Jermaine's children are not eligible to be donors as they may carry the same genetic kidney disease as their father.

Veterans like Jermaine have devoted their lives serving our country, their communities. Let us show our appreciation by helping in their time of need.
Please contact DOVE by clicking the link below to learn more about kidney donation. Or you can also call directly: 551-449-8319 or Email:
Thank you.

Jermaine Ellington, 1SG, USA (Ret.)

Army Veteran

Jermaine with sons

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