Gary is a 69 year old proud Army Veteran who lives in NJ with his wife Deborah whom he has been married to for 48 years.

Gary is retired and is the primary caregiver of his wife who is mostly wheelchair bound due to Post-Polio Syndrome.

The one thing Gary and Deborah enjoy most is traveling to visit his adult children and especially his granddaughter.

However, this freedom to travel will be greatly limited as Gary was just diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He is close to starting dialysis which will require him to either receive daily/hourly treatment at home or in a health center several times a week.

The average wait for a kidney from the deceased donor list is over 8 years long. Gary may not survive the wait. A living kidney donor would enable Gary the best chance to live the rest of his life free from the restraints of dialysis and with greater health and hope. Living kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared. The medical evaluation is covered by Gary's insurance. Costs related to travel, lost wages, pet or child care are covered by other resources including those provided by DOVE. YOU have the chance to save someone's life. Please contact DOVE to learn more about our efforts to find a kidney donor for Veterans in need.

Gary Kessler

Army Veteran

Gary Kessler with Deborah

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