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Garrett Barry is a Navy Veteran who graduated submarine school in Connecticut and served on aircraft carriers. He was amongst the first crew to serve on the Kennedy.

Gary was a loving and devoted spouse to his wife of 40 years, Ann Marie. For many years prior to her death related to Alzheimer's, Gary was her primary caretaker. Gary is very proud of his daughter who is in nursing school and son and primary caretaker, who is a supervisor at the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.

Gary is one of many Veterans who are now coping with chronic and debilitating kidney disease which may have been caused by water contamination while at Camp Lejeune. Due to his age and his blood type, his best hope is to find a living kidney donor. Please contact DOVE if you would like to see if you could be Garrett's life saving donor. The medical evaluation is covered by his medical center (Massachusetts General Hospital) and DOVE and the VA Healthcare System help to cover non medical costs related to transportation, child care, lost wages. Please reach out by clicking on the link below to learn more!

Garrett Barry

Navy Veteran


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