Dennis Piper is an Army Veteran who served 6 years in the National Guard. He is retired and lives with his wife Vicki and two dogs in Celina Ohio.

Dennis is living with end stage kidney disease. This disease is debilitating. He no longer has the energy to walk his dogs or go horseback riding. A kidney transplant is his only hope of living the rest of his life free from dialysis and getting renewed energy to enjoy life fully. However, his only way to get transplanted is to find a living kidney donor.

Veterans like Dennis have done so much for their country and communities. Let us now help them when they are in need. Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more about kidney donation. The medical evaluation is covered by Dennis' insurance and any Out of Pocket Expenses are covered through programs such as DOVE. Thank you.

Dennis Piper

Army/Ohio National Guard

dennis with horse

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