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David Jones is an Active Duty Colonel in the Marine Corps who has been serving for 30 years. He has been deployed throughout the world most recently in Afghanistan.

Colonel Jones is diagnosed with a genetic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease. He has, up until this point, been able to manage the disease through diet and exercise. However, his condition has deteriorated and he now needs to undergo a kidney transplant or else he will be reliant on life sustaining dialysis treatments.

Colonel Jones is a devoted husband and father of 3 children. He has been reassigned to the DC area in order to obtain medical care at Walter Reed. A living kidney donor would enable Colonel Jones to bypass the years long wait list for a deceased kidney donor. Many do not survive the wait. If you would like to learn about kidney donation to help Colonel Jones or other Servicemen/Veterans in need please contact DOVE by clicking the link below.
All costs related to the evaluation are covered by either the medical center or organizations like DOVE. Thank you.

David Jones

Colonel, Marine Corps.

david jones and family

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