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Received - Deceased Donor 7/4/24

Dave Ryder is an Army Veteran who attained the rank of E-5 and served as a paratrooper and then a photographer during his two deployments.

Upon discharge, Dave became a Real Estate Broker and eventually settled in Beverly Mass with his family where he was able to enjoy boating and photography during his time off.

Dave has a genetic kidney condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease that has permanently damaged his kidneys. Dave is now reliant on life-sustaining hemodialysis in order to survive.

Because his children may have this disease—they are unable to be considered as potential donors. Finding a living kidney donor is the best chance Dave has to get back to boating, traveling and living a full life. Would you consider helping a Veteran like Dave? Please contact DOVE to learn how.

Dave Ryder

Army Veteran

Dave Ryder and family, Army Veteran

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