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“My kids need their mom. A kidney transplant and life without dialysis will enable me to return to normalcy. I love to hike with my kids, enjoy the outdoors…I just want to feel like myself again.”

Cindy Fergusan is a 34-year-old single mom and a Navy Veteran who served 8 years as an operation specialist and a hospital corpsman up until her retirement in 2013 due to kidney disease.

Cindy lives in a remote area and therefore needs to manage all of her dialysis treatments within her home. Each night she hooks herself up to a dialysis machine for 8 hours. Dialysis keeps her alive but drains her physically and emotionally.

Veterans like Cindy have helped to protect our freedoms. Let us help in return by giving them freedom from dialysis. Contact DOVE to learn how.

Cindy Ferguson

Navy Veteran

Cindy Silva with children, Army Veteran

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