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Charles Webb is a 61 year old Army Veteran who enlisted in 1979 and served as a radio communications operator. Charles lives in Iowa with his wife of 34 years. He is a proud dad and grandfather.

Charles has worked in the shipping department at Walmart for most of his career. He has also coached basketball and soccer for youth leagues.

Charles was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure that resulted from high blood pressure. His condition will steadily decline and he will soon need to rely on a dialysis machine to survive. Charles has been evaluated and deemed an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant. However, the challenge is: he either waits for 5-8 years for a kidney from a deceased donor OR he finds a living kidney donor.

Asking someone to donate their kidney is not easy for anyone. It is particularly hard for a Veteran like Charles who is used to serving others and taking care of his community and family.

Kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared.

We really do have a "spare kidney" to share. The medical evaluation is covered by the transplant center and organizations like DOVE help cover any other non medical costs.

If you are interested in learning more about kidney donation to help Charles please click the button below to connect with DOVE Transplant. All inquiries are confidential. Thank you very much !

Charles Webb

Army Veteran


Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
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