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Candice Martin is a devoted daughter, sister, friend and Soldier. She is a 44 year old active duty Logistics Officer. Despite her diagnosis with FSGS, a chronic disease that has damaged her kidneys, Candice has maintained an impressive 21 year career in the Military with multiple deployments.

Candice is a certified yoga instructor and has a passion for making yoga accessible to those who never thought they could enjoy the practice. Candice attributes her ability to slow the decline of her kidney function ( while living with kidney disease for nearly 21 years) to her unwavering faith and her commitment to health and wellness. Despite her best efforts - Candice is now in need of a kidney donor.

Please consider helping Candice by contacting DOVE to see if you can be her life saving kidney donor. We need to ensure Candice can continue pursuing her passion of serving others. Be A DOVE Donor

Candice Martin

Lieutenant Colonel

candice in uniform

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