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Received! Deceased Donor 9/2024

Bradley Williams is a 42 year old Navy Veteran father of 4 children ages 16, 17, 19 and 21 who lives in North Carolina with his fiance Jewels.
Bradley is on medical leave from his job as as a mechanic at Duke University because of the debilitating symptoms of his kidney disease.

Many in Bradley's community are unaware he has relied on a dialysis machine daily to stay alive.

Bradley is on the wait list for a kidney transplant at Duke Medical Center. However, he was told his wait for a kidney from a deceased donor may take 5 years. Bradley may not survive that wait.

The only way to bypass the wait is to find a living kidney donor. Kidneys from living donors last longer. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The costs of the evaluation and surgery are covered by the transplant center. Out of pocket costs related to travel, lodging are covered by organizations such as DOVE.

If you would like to learn about kidney donation and how to help Veterans like Bradley - please contact DOVE either by clicking on the link below or calling 646-245-2894. Thank you!

Bradley Williams

Navy Veteran

head shot

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