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Received- Deceased Donor

Beverly Dabney is a 58 year old Army Veteran Beverly is extremely proud of her 10 years of service during which she excelled as a super soldier. Just prior to her discharge, she was up for a promotion to E-7. However, due to family issues and a spouse who was deployed in Gulf War - Beverly needed to make the difficult choice to seek a hardship discharge.

Beverly openly shares her challenges and triumphs. She underwent a liver/kidney transplant in 2013 but there were complications with the kidney and she has been reliant on dialysis ever since. Beverly is divorced and now identifies as LGBTQ and is grateful for the love and support provided by her partner, Jacqueline. Beverly is quite proud of her daughters, both whom are accomplished and give back to the communities in their own ways. Beverly was successfully treated for her depression and is finally feeling a way "out of the dark".

Veterans like Beverly have sacrificed much in the service of their country. Will you consider living kidney donation to help Beverly enjoy a renewed and healthy life free from the constraints of dialysis? Let us keep Beverly "out of the dark". Please contact DOVE to learn how you can support Beverly and other Veterans in need.

Beverly Dabney

Army Veteran

beverly in uniform

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