Barry Weiss served for 6 years in the National Guard. Barry spent his career at the CBS Television networks - which he called his second home for 41 years.

As a Cameraman for CBS, Barry travelled across the world and coversed events with US Presidents, the Pope and people from all walks of life. He retired to care for an ill family member and to save the job of a more junior cameraman.

Barry has a genetic illness called Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease has impacted many members of his family and has now resulted in his irreversible kidney damage. Barry will soon need to start life sustaining, chronic dialysis.

A living kidney donor would give Barry the best chance to live the rest of his life with vitality and free from dialysis. Would you consider being a living kidney donor to help Veterans like Barry? Please contact DOVE below to learn how you can help.

Barry Weiss

National Guard

Barry with family

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