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Barry Shanler grew up in the Boston suburb of Dorchester, Massachusetts and attended the oldest public high school in the country, The Boston Latin School. After high school he went to Northeastern University (ROTC Army) and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. Barry was deployed as 2nd Lieutenant to Vietnam where he was wounded in action. He married his wife Peggy in 1966 and has been married for 56 years.

Barry and Peggy have a daughter and a son and traveled the world with Barry’s job in the oil sector, living in Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, and Nigeria. Because of the family’s nomadic lifestyle, his two children have international jobs requiring travel; his daughter currently lives in the Middle East. Both he and his wife have are active volunteers and have been in all the communities where they have lived, no matter the country. Currently his wife is a member of the Garden Club and has served on their town Land Trust Board. Barry is the oldest member of the Harpswell Neck Fire and Rescue Department, and one of the longest serving volunteers (over 20 years). Additionally, he has taught financial classes to kids at risk of dropping out of school. While in Ankara, Turkey he served as Chairman of the School Board for the DODD school his two children attended, was President of the Booster Club, and was a volunteer soccer coach.

Barry, a man who has done so much for his community and country, now needs our help. He has kidney failure and he is looking for a life saving kidney donor. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared and the testing is covered by Barry's transplant program. Non medical costs related to travel, lost wages can also be covered. If you would like to learn more about kidney donation to help this Veteran in need, please contact Donor Outreach for Veterans (DOVE) 551-449-8319 OR click the link below to submit an inquiry. Thank you!

Barry Shanler

Army Veteran

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