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Anthony Sutphen is a 58 year old Veteran who served in three branches of the military over the course of 23 years. He was a combat Engineer in Army, a heavy equipment operator and Ground Defense Instructor in the Air Force and then transferred to the Navy where he received combat training from the Marine Corps.

Anthony has a genetic kidney condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease that has permanently damaged his kidneys over time. He is now reliant on daily home dialysis treatments to survive. Anthony is proud dad to 6 children and 10 grand children and he lives in Ohio with his wife of 25 years. Anthony is a member of Faith Baptist Church and his hopes is to one day be healthy enough to walk the Appalachian Trail to help others through Mission work.

Anthony's children had stepped up to offer their kidneys but each one of them had issues or had same genetic condition that may one day impact their health. Anthony lost his sister, father to this same disease. Anthony is sure God will send the right person his way and he thanks you for taking the time to read this message. Please contact DOVE to learn if you are the right person to help Anthony!

Anthony Sutphen

Army/AirForce/Navy Veteran

anthony with family

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