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Chakita Harrington

Navy Veteran

Chakita Harrington was medically retired from the Navy after serving 9 years. Chakita developed kidney failure and endured dialysis during pregnancy which resulted in an emergency C-section after she received a kidney from her biological sister/shipmate in 2008.

In 2020 Chakita got COVID early in the pandemic and the virus attacked her transplanted kidney. A single mom of two teenagers, she found herself in need of a second transplant. Chakita is a co-owner of a nonprofit in Washington DC called Helping Others Thrive (H.O.T) which provides simple necessities such as weather-appropriate hydration, hygiene, and hope to people without homes.

Chakita's kidney transplant means that she can continue to support her children and provide love and light to all those close to her heart - including the community that H.O.T. serves.

Chakita Harrington
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