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When I learned there were nearly 2,000 Veterans waiting for a kidney transplant on a national news segment on DOVE - I thought “I can help!”. The next day I got in touch with DOVE. Now that I donated I feel great.  To be able to help someone get their life back feels like when I welcomed my daughter
into the world –FANTASTIC.

Peter Drinkovich

Devaughn Phillip

Navy Veteran

Since being on dialysis I hadn’t had the energy to be active.  Now that I have a new kidney, I am looking to being active and engaged with my family.  I can’t wait to teach my 6 year old
football.  Thank you to my donor Peter
and to DOVE.

 DOVE Altruistic Kidney Donor

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When I learned about DOVE and its focus on helping Veterans, I thought of all the Veterans in my family and how thankful I am for their service. I met Reggie the night before surgery and I knew this was all meant to be. The experience has been a blessing and I am grateful for the amazing people I have met along this journey.



Army Veteran honorably discharged

After twenty years of service 6, my future is so much brighter since DOVE helped me get a second chance at life. Thank you to my angel Tara for her selfless gift. Thank you to DOVE 

for helping Veterans!

 DOVE Altruistic Kidney Donor

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When I learned about Mark’s story from DOVE, I knew I wanted to gift my kidney, which I named ‘Jay Dog,’ to him. During our journey, we have formed a special bond, and I can’t wait to meet Mark in person.




This is just remarkable.The word has to get out about DOVE. Thank you to my living donor, Julie. I thank you; my family thanks you. I am so grateful.

 DOVE Altruistic Kidney Donor

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