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VA will cover Living Donors through its Community Care Program

On June 30th, The Department of Veteran Affairs implemented a final rule expanding the coverage of living donors through its Community Care Act, effective July 1st, 2022.

This will have a powerful impact by allowing Veterans increased options for care and increased access to living donor transplantation.

There are 8 kidney transplant programs within the VA System located in Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, Iowa, and Tennessee. 7 of these programs cover living kidney donor transplantation.

This new provision enables qualifying Veterans seeking care outside of the VA System to access living donor transplantation. Before this, living donors were not covered through the Community Care Program.

DOVE is looking forward to mobilizing the community to help more Veterans be matched to life-saving kidney donors.

Learn more about the VA National Transplant Program. The final rule is available in the Federal Register.


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