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Nebraska Woman Saves Veteran's Life

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – A woman from Nebraska is celebrated in Camden for being a stranger who turned into a lifesaver. On Friday, a grateful family from Cape May met the woman who donated a kidney not knowing who the recipient would be. Robert "Budd" Springer has a second chance at life after a kidney transplant that came from a stranger. "Just to know that there's somebody out there that is so giving and it's just such a blessing there's wonderful people in this world," Springer said.

It's Springer's service in the New Jersey Army National Guard that inspired Jill Pinkelman to become a living donor for an organization called DOVE, living kidney donation for veterans. "I mean, veterans, people in the military, they give up part of their life to devote to protecting us, protecting our country," Pinkelman said.

Watch the video here.


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