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Message from Dove Team 26


People often wonder what motivates a person to undergo elective surgery to give one of their kidneys to another person in need. Even more baffling for many is when a donor does not know the recipient and gives anonymously. As we learn the "Why's" from prospective donors it is abundantly clear how much kindness, compassion, and humanity there is in our communities.

Most living kidney donors feel it is their privilege to give. Amanda Houlton was recently cleared to be a kidney donor and wanted to jump for joy upon hearing the news. We thank Amanda for stepping up as a donor and helping a veteran in need. Thank you Amanda for sharing your personal story and your "Why." We are praying for a successful surgery and easy recovery for both you and your recipient

This is Amanda’s story: “I am donating a kidney in honor of my brother, Damon Lambert. He was always a jokester and loved his country. He has two daughters, Paige and Makayla. He has 4 siblings, including myself. He followed his fathers footsteps by joining the military. My uncles and other brothers also served. When Damon came home he battled PTSD from the things he experienced during his time in Iraq. He chose to take that pain and do something positive. The photo is of what he made while going to college for prosthetics. He did this in honor of the friends that were wounded during service. He was actually published in a magazine for the prosthetic leg he made with led lights inside, using his daughters light up shoes.

Damon became ill soon after coming home. At the time, he was not an ideal candidate for a transplant. I was a match for him and remained on stand by to give him my kidney whenever the time came. He had so much respect for the word family. During his own illness, he was at his mother's bedside during her last months. Sadly, he passed away 3 months before his mother and I was unable to give him this gift. I am so very honored and blessed to have the opportunity to donate in his honor to another veteran.

In Memory of: Damon C. Lambert June 17, 1972 - October 31, 2018 46 Years Old

Classification Military Branch Campaigns Mission Segments Military Veteran United States Army Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIE. March 2003 - November 2011)

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