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Memorial Day Highlights with our DOVE Volunteers

DOVE is grateful for our volunteers - most are kidney donors themselves or in the process of being evaluated. Our volunteers have a passion and commitment to supporting Veterans and helping save more lives through DOVE.

The DOVE community wants every Veteran to know we have their backs - and we are so proud to be their advocates as they await life-saving transplants.

In Austin, TX, Memorial Day Ruck was hosted by Tactical Fitness Austin. This event honored DOVE Donor #1, Jon Wayne Taylor.

Since Jon's donation in October of 2020, he has helped 17 Veterans receive their life-saving kidney transplants through the

DOVE program.

Denise Brownlee advocated for DOVE at the Mercer Memorial Day 500 sponsored by the Mercer PA Rotary Club in Mercer, PA.

Margarite DiSpirito's DOVE Team #8 set up a table at a local Farmers Market in Panama City, FL.

Thank you for making Memorial Day weekend a memorable success with DOVE. If you are interested in making a difference in your community by volunteering with DOVE, come get involved with us.


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