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Federal Aviation Administration Campaign


We’d like to say a big thank you to DOVE Board Member and Federal Aviation Administration employee Charisse James who raised awareness about DOVE Transplant during #combined federal campaign events at the FAA.

Their efforts led Airways Transport Systems Specialist and Army Veteran James Frederick to contact DOVE to help in his search for a #living kidney donor. Several colleagues are now learning about living kidney donation to see if they can help James and others waiting.

Paul Holbert, another FAA employee, also saw the newsletter about DOVE and recently hosted members of the DOVE team: Charisse, Reggie (recipient) and Denise (donor) to share their stories on the Going Solo Podcast "Veterans Corner." Visit to listen.

DOVE’s Combined Federal Campaign Charity # is 84662

So many positive things come from the actions of just a few individuals! Feeling gratitude for caring communities. Organ donations save lives!


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