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DOVE Newsletter: June Edition

Want to know about what we've been up to this month? Please continue reading for updates on our most recent transplants, fundraising goals, policy changes, and events for donors and recipients.

Top Left: Lindsay, Lindsay's Husband, Reggie, and Wendy meeting for the first time post-op. Top Right: Reggie & Lindsay receiving their Team DOVE #15 sweatshirts Bottom Left: DOVE Team #16, Kevin and Wendy Bottom Right: DOVE Team #17, Kelly & Van

Transplant Updates- May Team 15, 16, and 17!

DOVE made history! Our first internal SWAP for DOVE and the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx.

Lindsay Gutierrez contacted DOVE after seeing an Advertisement in the Military Times. She is Blood type O (the universal donor type that can be paired with any other blood type), and she was paired with Kevin Shiau, a Marine Corps Veteran who was Blood type A in the Bronx.

At the same center, Wendy Robinson was cleared as a donor and wanted to give to her husband Reggie, but was incompatible. Lindsay was happy to SWAP with Wendy and Reggie so two Veterans could get transplanted. Kidney swaps can be difficult to understand or trust. However, exchanges and kidney chains are becoming more common and enable one person to help many recipients with their kidney donation. The VA Transplant programs do not regularly offer exchange transplants and DOVE is hoping to partner with more VA centers and grow their exchange programs which means more living donor transplants for Veterans! Team #17 is Kelly and Van. Kelly Arbaugh is a VA Social Worker from West Virginia who contacted DOVE after seeing a story about DOVE on FOX news. Fun fact: Over 350 inquiries came in after that Fox News Segment in September. So ,far SEVEN Veteran's lives have been saved thanks to altruistic kidney donors who wanted to help a Veteran in need. Kelly met her recipient Van, a Navy Veteran who served for 26 years, and said it was one of the most memorable times in her life and feels she has expanded her family forever.


Fundraising and Grant Updates

DOVE has been accepted within the Combined Federal Campaign System network. DOVE went through a rigorous application and vetting process to be included in this Charity Registry, enabling federal employees to contribute to approved charities. Since its inception 60 years ago, the CFC has raised over 8.5 billion for charities. We are hopeful that CFC pledges will make a real and meaningful difference to the scope and services of DOVE. It will also amplify DOVE’s mission and reach many potential recipients and donors through its networking activities. Visit for updates.

We want to thank Tactical Fitness Austin and Jon Wayne Taylor, who coordinated a fundraiser for DOVE on Memorial Day. This raised $3,000. The money will go directly towards childcare costs and car rentals for three upcoming living donor transplants scheduled within the next two months.


Yoga for our DOVE Community

Tisha Downing of Connected Warriors

Thank you to Connected Warriors!

We have a few ways for our community to stay connected and take time for self-care through Virtual Yoga classes. Our community lives across many time zones, so we are still trying to coordinate the schedule so everyone who wants to participate– can do so.

This connection began because of a Yoga Instructor Tisha Downing who wanted to be a kidney donor but could not because of medical issues. Instead, she offered to help DOVE by offering these classes free of charge.

Learn more about Connected Warriors and the events for our DOVE community on our events page. Can't make the scheduled classes? Visit our YouTube channel for go-at-your-own pace videos.

And finally...

DOVE was happy to join other kidney advocacy groups: the team at Waitlist Zero, NKDO, and NKF, to encourage the New York State Legislature to pass the Living Donor Support Act. Read the full article in Harlem World Magazine.

Yesterday was Team #18 at Walter Reed- Hayley and Candice. All went well and stay tuned for an update on their story!

We are grateful for our growing DOVE community. Want to receive updates and personal invitations to our upcoming events? Join our mailing list today!


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