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"All Hands On Deck" Community Service Day with DOVE

We are so very grateful to the employees of Harrison National Employment (HNE) and Freedom Mortgage Cares for selecting to work with us for their annual All Hands Meeting and Community Service Day!

More than 20 staff members learned how US Veterans have a higher incidence of kidney disease, but a lower rate of kidney transplant. The HNE team took the time to read the profiles on the DOVE website of the Veterans who are waiting to find a kidney donor. They wrote heartfelt, personalized messages to be sent along with care packages to each Veteran.

While we celebrate each successful transplant, we never forget all who wait for their gift of life. We hope all Veterans hear the appreciation we have for their service and a reminder they are not alone in their time of need. The power of community, kindness, and teamwork!

THANK YOU, HNE and Freedom Mortgage!!!

Watch the video recap HERE!


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