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Valerie Le Master

val and john 3 weeks post transplant

Valerie learned about her recipient's need for a kidney transplant through a DOVE campaign. She did not know her colleague John Anderson well, though she said he always went above and beyond to help others at work and he was very kind. Valerie quietly began the screening and evaluation process as she wasn't sure she would be cleared or be able to move forward and she didn't want to let John down. However, the more steps she took in the process the clearer it was to Valerie that it was the right decision. On August 5, 2022, Valerie and John became DOVE Team 20! Valerie is proud to be a donor. John is now off of dialysis and hopeful about his future and so grateful to Valerie. Both Valerie and John are committed to now help other Veterans in need and will be a vital part of the DOVE community.

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