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Margarite DiSpirito

DOVE Donor #8

Living Donor

Margarite DiSpirito is another extraordinary woman who after seeing a news story on DOVE reached out to learn how she could donate a kidney to benefit a Veteran in need.

Despite many hurdles and a long evaluation process Margarite was driven and felt a calling to donate. On Feb 24th Margarite donated to Wil Serrano a Veteran whom she did not know and who retired after 33 years in service as a Master Sergeant. Margarite and Wil met each other the night before surgery. She says “I gave up a kidney but I gained a family”. Wil says he has never felt so much joy and appreciation – he thinks he got some of Margarites energy and joy along with her kidney. Both Margarite and Wil are determined to work with DOVE and ensure more to learn about donation and more lives are saved.

Margarite stepped up to help a Veteran. She hopes her story will encourage others to do the same.

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