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Kimberly Sue Beukema

Team 19 at Kimberly's HS Event Talking about Kidney Donation and Transplant

kim and victor

Kimberly Beukema contacting DOVE when she saw a "success story" profiled on Fox News. She comes from a military family and her own son served in the Marines Corps. She had thought about kidney donation in past but wasn't compelled to act until she learned she could help a Veteran in need. Kimberly is a HS Principal in White Plains and she donated her kidney to Victor Marinez, a Marine Corps Veteran and father of 4 at Montefiore Hospital. Kimberly is happy to set an example for her family and her students. She and Victor now feel a deep bond and have met up several times - one recently at Kimberly's school - to raise awareness about donation.

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