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Jon Postawa

Law Enforcement Officer & Living Kidney Donor

Jon, pictured left, with Veteran, fellow officer, and kidney recipient Damon.

"It took a DOVE national campaign for me to realize that a fellow officer from my own department needed a kidney. It is not in our DNA as officers to ask for help. I’m hoping other officers will consider donating to Veterans through DOVE and not hesitate to reach out for help when they need it.”

Recently, more than 50 potential kidney donors answered a call to support Army Veteran Damon Hewin, a police officer. While fellow officer Jon Postawa is donating to Hewin, the many other donors who stepped up will not be lost. Two others will be paired with other Veterans through the community-directed kidney donor program called DOVE: Donor Outreach for Veterans.

Veterans like Damon have endured much to protect our freedoms. Now let us help them enjoy freedom from dialysis.

Watch Jon and Damon's interview on KIRO 7 News.

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